Re-existence, a creation of Nawel Skandrani


Nawel Skandrani’s latest creation is an ode to life, a belief to-morrow, and a total confidence in her youth. 7 dancers and an actress approach their own lives, and each dance their desires, their dreams, their hopes. Photos and stories of Pierre Gassin

The scenic installation: The plateau and the back wall are covered with a white pool liner. Screenings of videos (made by Sergi Gazzo) on the troupe, mingle with the body, the space.

Soil, wall, ceiling, body, everything is ONE. On the side Nawel speaks at the microphone, and Jawhar plays alone on the guitar and sings throughout the show. It is spatial in case of projection, bright, serene, and sometimes intimate, when the dancers catch the attention, especially during the solos.

There is a real life on this stage, a truth rarely felt at this point. The group, the family, the intimacy. Each painting allows to isolate a dancer, who does his own performance, including improvisation.

8 solos, 8 different and complementary body languages. It’s rich with techniques, expressions, meaning. Resistance, energy, power, eroticism, hope, joy: the panel is wide!

Between two solos, the troop is found, heckled, seeks, sticks, loves. Because it’s about love, yes. Caresses, subtle touches, hugs. The bodies complement each other, but play too. There is playfulness in these desires. Laughs !

Nawel is always on the side to watch. She discovers the worlds her dancers offer her. She watches kindly, like a mother. She directs this body orchestra with such attention, kindness.