Mr. Zarrouk, the artist at Hamammet Fort


It is thanks to a walk in the medina of Hammamet that I discover the workshop of the painter artist Zarrouk. This meeting serves as a fresh air buoy and an original coincidence in the cave of one of the most touristic sites of Tunisia and the Mediterranean, the fort of Hammamet.


Here, undoubtedly the crisis struck. Traders are more friendly than usual. Exit the persecution of customers! This does not mean that the displays of many souvenir shops are always alike. The majority of them present models of cafetans and blouses of the years 70/80, with in addition the same pottery timelessly posed on the ground and accompanied by a slew of objects “made in China”. Only a few shops escape the crisis. Their stock is up and the season has been correct. *

In the den of the medina, there is a worshop-shop that hides. More than that, it deserves itself. The Zarrouk space is located in one of the alleys of the medina and many fish, tagged here and there, in front of the houses and storefronts direct the passers-by to the workshop.

Mr. Zarrouk returned to live his retirement in Hammamet after having lived many years in Germany. He opened his shop a few years ago, started modestly and since exploded originality.

He remembers: “A modest rent, a pleasant space and a passion for a craft that I discover as the most true of the artist’s business. I no longer stopped painting, diverting objects, meeting people … Attractive prices are important, we must stop this diktat of exorbitant prices. Making accessible art is my coiviction ”

Since then, the artist acquires a clientele that becomes faithful to him as his offer develops. At Zarrouk’s, there are drawings, watercolors, sculptures, shirts, bobs, bags, pouches …

The artist is productive and inspired. He enjoys himself while working. He enjoys himself by improving himself. Although his main themes are recurring, Africa and fish, he is able of surprising.

We love the linen shirts that he paints beautiful silhouettes, the bobs he flanks of fish, the canvas bags he tags, the jute paintings he paints fish in beautiful variations of blue.

If the special mention is to be delivered to the artist for his humor, simplicity and elegance in the objects he turns away, in the workshop stands a picture of great originality; A composition consisting of stoppers of wine bottles and which are painted individually and then assembled. The result is amazing! The game of symbols, letters, shapes and colors is absolutely delightful!

Atelier Zarrouk. Medina de Hammamet

Phone: 25226890

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