FrenchTour Operators : Tunisia saves their bet


“The good news is that August is not as bad, booking trends are stable (+ 0.6%) compared to last year.” However, the season is down 6.7% between May and July, compared to the same period of 2011.

Destinations considered too expensive are down this summer, as Croatia (-14%), mainland Spain (-28%) and island (-16% for the Balearic Islands and -10% for the Canaries), or the Mauritius (-12%). Turkey is down 17% due to “apprehension” due to its proximity to neighboring Syria, which is plagued by civil war. In Greece, continental destinations fall by 25%, but the islands have a +7 %.

Finally, Tunisia is picking up color with an increase of 29.5%. Morocco is on the heels with a recovery of 16%.

It remains to be seen whether Tunisia is doing well with regard to the prices with which it sells. By significantly lowering their rates to resist the crisis, hoteliers have managed to stem the drop in attendance, but at what price? How much time and money will it take to return to pre-revolution prices?

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