Tourism and Employment Pact: an opportunity not to be missed.


In this program, employment is apprehended from training for this purpose nine training centers that are part of the National Vocational Training Agency are selected as partners in this program alongside ONTT and FTH.

The program intends to develop the involvement of the private sector operating in vocational training, to develop its cooperation with selected centers through the establishment of cooperative relations between them. In addition, the program offers young Tunisian graduates learning the German language to facilitate their integration in multinational companies identified as asylum workers mastering the German language.

The budget for this program is eight million euros, which will be devoted to capacity building training centers and the renewal of equipment.

This program is based on three main axes:
– Reconciliation of the offer of vocational training centers of the economic environment to better meet their needs;
– Capacity building and qualification of vocational training centers;
– Modernization of equipment of selected training centers.

This program is an opportunity for our young people whose employabilility improves. It is a boon for the selected training centers because it will lead to improving the capacity of these centers to better meet the requirements of the economic environment by introducing new traditions of cooperation with the private sector.

The success of this program remains dependent on the willingness of the private sector to engage genuinely in youth training. It is called to make its own revolution and no longer consider training as the exclusive business of the state. It is the survival in a globalized world where competitive companies are companies forming par excellence.

Dorra Harrar


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