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Tunis, Tunisia

Lampedusa disaster: lessons to be learned

A tragedy that saddens us, shames and horrifies us. It reflects the desperation of a fringe of our youth believes that the country has...

Cap Bon Impressions…

When will this torture end ? Tunisia is suffering, just sudden and without fear of the words one of the biggest waves possible disfigurement...

Impressions of 48h in Istanbul

Sitting at a café, callede the Muezzin's reminds those who tend to forget they are in the land of Islam. The call to prayer...

Eid al-Adha, feast or trouble?

Some sheep pass through several intermediaries before their disposal on the market result, prices rise whenever an intermediary takes its margin. Certainly the practice of informal...

A day at Thuburbo Majus

In fact, my participation was motivated by three reasons: -To encourage a new Association that gives to ambitious goal to grow smarter and more dynamic...

No, Venice is not in Italy and Tunis is not in...

Tunisia, a country of sun, of blue sky. Tunisia, its beaches and sunbathing ... There are obviously a lot of truth in it but like...

JCC: The last Mirage

Packed with a young audience to look trendy. Apart from a maniac who wanted to heckle and was immediately "cleared", the projection took place...

I swim, go out, drive, work …

Friends, acquaintances, people I know little or not send me mail via the site on my Facebook profile and that of the fan group...


Tunis, Tunisia
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