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Tunis, Tunisia

Bribri or the garment that keeps the Tunisian at the bottom...

"My name is Myriam Bribri and it is also the name of my brand. I work mainly on the kachabeya which is a flagship...

Zied Abbes, Mr Mosaic Kit

Frail silhouette  and wide smile, Zied Abbes is a luminous young man. On the booth in the ONA Arti-Cadeau salon, he is busy responding...

Gérard Moati. Sacred Couscous!

L'Arbre à couscous is a small canteen of noon where the promise is that of an exceptional couscous! Could it be that the presence...

Abdaleh Hamad, Kuwaiti caterer of Marsa

Ahmed Abdallah is Kuwaiti. He opened an Egyptian cuisine restaurant in Marsa; Koshari the Avenue, a restaurant that many Tunisians attend thinking time for...

Portrait of the 2012 traveler

Google has tried to couple the data for the desired behavior with its study, but also with the actual behavior of search travelers. The complete...

The haik by Baraa

From the time she was recipient of the 2010 prize of the house of creation in Marseille, Ben Boubaker Barra has come a long...

Moez Boudali or the perpetual challenge

Moez Boudaly (MB) work in the hotel industry. He is the first to introduce the Lounge Bar in its modern building in Tunis after...

Ammar Belguith: Plastic farmer of Althiburos

Ammar Belguith is a painter, while plastic farmer, at least it is exactly in these terms that presents the one that says growing concepts...

Manel, the tattooist

  This was thanks to a magnificent reportage for Arte Tv where we discover the only Tunisian tattooist. In a country where the modern tattoo is...

Sofiène Bchir , manager of the teahouse Trident in Monastir :...

At 39-year Sofiène Bchir opens with some buddies a new tea room in Monastir. Night watchman at a hotel, the young man went quickly...


Tunis, Tunisia
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