Dar el Médina – Tunis


We offer two menus: fish or meat, respectively 40 and 30 dt. They are built around an entrance of mezze and then a succession of delicious dishes as each other. The flavors of slata mechouia are delicate and the rest of the food is a tribute to the Tunisian cuisine. Marqa artichoke (artichoke sauce) nouacers with sheep (small square hand-made pasta typical tunisoises) felfel méhchi (stuffed pepper), pkaïla (stew with spinach), etc. are a real escape for your palate. The meal ends on a sweet note with a mint tea and medley pastries . The address, open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week, actually to be retained for its fine cuisine but also for its intimacy and authenticity.

Restaurant du Dar el Médina
64, rue Sidi Ben Arous – Médina de Tunis
Phone : (+216) 71 563 022
Site : www.darelmedina.com

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