Toujane: An ocher and gold village


Toujane is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Tunisia. Here, do not run or rush let alone get stressed, Matmata and Tamezret are all nearby for the night, unless one of the available accommodations on the road and in the village suits you.

toujane7Here, the show is provided by the old ocher stone, the olive trees, painted with lime mosques, people strolling in traditional dress, children running in the streets, silence is meant, the peace found, the beautiful pictures that can be taken, the memories that you can buy, etc.

Are women in Toujane more gifted than elsewhere?

Given their weavings, one might think so. With their nimble fingers, they weave mergoums (variety of carpet) and bakhnough (variety shawl which they cover themselves in everyday life) of exceptional beauty. Woven in 2 to 3 months, depending on the complexity of the part, the Toujane is when his beautiful, bright, original and suitable for all types of interiors. Unique, it will enhance the most modern spaces, the most design offices, the most classic sofas …

Butwhat to visit in Toujane? hold on, everything! You have to stop in one of the village pubs, hike up Kssar and source of water, taste and buy olive oil and / or honey. And especially walk and meet people, interact with each other. Today many homes are abandoned and only some 200 families still live in this Berber village that is within 700 meters and 25 kilometers of Matmata.

As this place will capture you, know that for eating and sleeping, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Many relays offer a night with meals and breakfast. Summary, prices are more than accessible well! Count 20-30 Dt.

Otherwise, know that in Toujane, you can go hiking on foot or by donkey, you can learn to cook, you can participate in agricultural village life ….

Here you will be happy. You will not resist either at sunset or at sunrise

Here you can only find you.

And from leaving a few friends and a lot of memories.


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