Loud of kerkennah

The loud is a two masts measuring 9 to 12 m long, on web, which one finds trace in the texts of antiquity. It is an olive wood boat that has never been modified since its creation in the Kerkennah Islands. A fishing or freight boat, this sailboat is the pride of local families and is the hallmark of the region.

Today, Kerkennah lives to the rhythm of the daily comings and goings of a baptized ferry, a bit of tribute and a lot of superstition, the loud. It connects Sidi Youssef to Sfax. When its siren sounds, the passengers rush to embark.

The cars, lined up in single file, slowly enter the main deck of the ship to cram and join, 45 minutes later, Kerkennah. Here the crossing is a piece of life during which one gossips, flirts, sleeps, sings and daydreams …

Photo Credit: Pierre Gassin