30 years of experience lead Slim Bettaieb to Hammamet where he manages the kitchen of LA BADIRA, Leading Hotels of the World.

When I ask Slim Bettaieb if he is a “sprinter” or runner, he hesitates and does not answer. After a day spent in the privacy of his kitchens, I understand that he did not want to respond for the sake of consideration. The kitchen of Slim Bettaieb is as delicate as the tastes of his childhood and a know-how inherited from his mother. Today Slim Bettaieb carved his style around a mission capital for him; to please.

Surrounded by more than 50 people, Slim Bettaieb claims that he cooks a little like at home with a particular attention to the rhythm of the products of seasons. When he does not make his own jams, “harissas”, tomato coulis, Slim Bettaieb is buying his “aoula” in couscous, “borghol”, “mhamssa”, “barkoukech” or is scribbling his next creation.

Copyright: Pierre Gassin