Koshari Avenue, an Egyptian restaurant in La Marsa


Whether you are a follower of Egyptian cuisine or you just want to discover, we offer a tasting initiation or the side of “Koshari Avenue.” A fast food restaurant that offers “felefel” of “foul” from the “taamiyaa” …

Opened one year ago, the place is tiny. It has a few tables on the terrace, a room upstairs and is also catering. Here, the team is young, tries to speak Egyptian and receives with a smile.

In “koshari Avenue”, the card is limited. It reveals the main Egyptian popular cuisine:

“Foul”: mashed beans

“Tammia” fried dumplings prepared with mashed beans.

“Kebda askandaria” Liver Alexandrian

“Koshari” A mixture of macaroni, rice, brown lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce.

“Kefteh”: meatballs

In terms of prices, entrées range from 10, 12, 14 DT. Entrance fees are between 4 and 3 6DT. In terms of drinks, the “Kosahri Avenue” offers a delicious drink extracted from hibiscus flower.

The atmosphere is cool and food is gfood. If you are fussy standing issue, this restaurant is not for you!

Adress: 8 RDC Residence Edime. La Marsa

Phone: (+216) 71 983 005

For further information: https://www.facebook.com/koshariavenue/