Gérard Moati. Sacred Couscous!


L’Arbre à couscous is a small canteen of noon where the promise is that of an exceptional couscous! Could it be that the presence of Gerard, happy owner of the place, and his generous smile adds to the flavor? It’s possible. What is certain is that in this tiny restaurant of Marsa Ville, one does not joke neither with the products nor with the great values of the Tunisian Jewish cuisine.

When I ask the owner, what is the history of this restaurant and why the couscous. He replies casually: “Because I am great!” Obviously, he has talent this Gerard. The restaurants know it! He was hired and involved in the restaurant “La Closerie” with Malek Laajimi and “Le Bœuf sur le toit” with his brother. The whole Tunis evokes its pasta with the boutargue. They are the best in the country. He reserves them only for his friends.

Gerard’s story with couscous goes back much further. Couscous and it is one and the same story! As a teenager, he trailed in the family factory which manufactured and sold (1938) a couscous under the trademark “Drapeau” (for those who remember it). Gérard Moatti remembers with fondness: “Bad student, I was often drunk in the first factory of industrial couscous of the world”. This, surely explains that!

In the meantime, we savor at L’Arbre à couscous one of the best couscous of Tunis. For more information: https://1001tunisie.com/larbre-a-couscous-ou-les-saveurs-authentiques/

The Couscous Tree

Adress : 3 rue Mami, angle agence Biat. La Marsa

Phone: (+216)71 727 190

FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/arbreacouscous/


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