“Alf Thneya we thneya”: Tazart, the company that sublimates dried figs.


Tazart is the name of the dried fig in Amazigh language, which is also called, according to the different regions of Tunisia, “Gharbouz” or “Gallouz”. Tazart https://www.facebook.com/tazart.tn/  is also the name of a Tunisian company, founded in 2015, which is strongly committed to the social and solidarity economy (ESS)

This 15th episode of “Alf Thneya we Thneya”, 1001Tunisia capsule sponsored by la Badira (https://www.facebook.com/labadira/) and its  Spa by Clarins, takes us to the discovery of this company, which fights, in its way, against smuggling in the south of Tunisia in general and the region of Tataouine and Kebili in particular.

Founded by Ali Karkour, a young IHEC graduate who lives between Tunis, Tataouine and Kebili, Tazart is a company specializing in the drying and packaging of dates and dried figs: “We produce annually in Tataouine, 20 tons of figs dried and Kebili and 50 tons of dates “, Ali Karkour told us, on the sidelines of his participation in the 1st National Competition of Terroir Products, held in early December 2017.

Gold medal for the best date cut in the fruit and vegetable category during this first competition, Tazart aims today, international markets, thanks to the recognized and appreciated quality of its products. “We always rely on the quality and traceability of our products. We started last year with the export of a small quantity to test the international markets, but in 2018, we plan to multiply this amount, “he added, at the microphone of Amel Djait.

 This social enterprise, which employs 6 full-time workers, has enabled 52 farmers, fig producers, to multiply by 5 their income. Tazart has trained its partner farmers in the drying and packaging of figs, giving them the opportunity to sell a more refined and sought after product on the Tunisian market as well as internationally.

This positioning allows them to sell the kilo of fig to 3DT / kilo instead of 0,600Dt / Kilo. Thanks to Tazart’s initiative, the dried fig, which only had the prospect of distillation, comes back to life. It is now conquering new consumers who use it in their everyday foods and those days of exception.

Tazart also offers its customers a recipe book that starts with clafoutis, cakes and even smoothies …

Today, Tazart has a sales network of more than 70 resellers, wholesalers and retailers, the pride of its founder, Ali Karkour, a young entrepreneur who firmly believes in the role of a company committed to Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS) These enterprises designate a set of enterprises organized in the form of cooperatives, mutuals, associations, or foundations, whose internal functioning and activities are based on a principle of solidarity and social utility.

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For further informationhttps://www.facebook.com/tazart.tn/