As long as you choose it, salt brings many essential minerals and a touch of originality in the kitchen! Flav’Or is a new brand of Tunisian flavored salts. Interview with Viktoria Danilko, manager of a new production unit located in Béja. Viktoria is Russian, mother of two children and lives in Tunisia since 2002. In 2004, she adopted Tunisian nationality and started her business.

1001 Tunisie: Viktoria Danilko ep Chelly, you are the owner and manager of the Flav’Or Company. Present us your brand.

Voktora Danilko ep Chelly: Flav’Or is a craft workshop of salt production flavored with plants, vegetables and fruits. My workshop is in the city of Béja in Tunisia. Flav’Or salts are mainly composed of sea salt from Tunisian salines and agricultural products from the region of Béja, a town known for its organic farms.

What is your product range?

The Flav’Or salt range today has 5 flavors:

  • Salt flavored with bitter orange, the Star of my collection. This salt is ideal for seasoning our poultry dishes and especially the grilled escalope. It gives a totally new taste for cottage cheese, omelette and even chocolate ….
  • Lemon Salt: This salt is ideal for seasoning fish
  • Salt with sage and basil tomatoes: This salt is ideal for all tomato sauces and pizza. Personally, I love it in salad dressing.
  • Provence herbal salt: ideal for grilling veal, lamb and poultry. It is also a great saute for salads, like tomato or Greek.
  • Salt with parsley: This one is ideal for “broudou” or “chorba” and also for the Russian salad.

What are the various uses of flavored salts?

Bring more flavor to everyday dishes and customize tables with a wide range of tastes and flavors. That said, know that salts can enrich the kitchen with vitamins, Omega elements and plant fibers. Here, it is a question of substituting a portion of the cooking salt (NaCl) with the mineral salts of the plants. These are better for your health!

Tell us more …

Flavored salt manufacturing technology keeps and preserves the aromatic, taste and medicinal properties of the plants used. It can be said that the salt becomes enriched with vitamins, omega elements and vegetable fibers containing in the plants added in the salt. As well as a portion of NaCl will be replaced by the mineral salts of plants. And as a result, we decrease the consumption of Na which is the cause of water retention in the human body.

The salt used by Flav’Or is a certified seafood salt that meets all Tunisian standards. This salt is natural and rich in Calcium (strengthening bones), Magnesium (anti-stress, relaxing) and SO4 (formation of protein tissues such as hair and muscles). The flavored salt can be used as by ordinary consumers, by restaurateurs who want to bring an extra touch to their flavors and services. It is also a nice gift for tourists who are looking for good memories to bring back from Tunisia! Our salt is that of the Tunisian sea with the typical plants and aromas of our Mediterranean.

What is your background?

I am an engineer in Textile Engineering specialized in spinning technology. I have 15 years of experience in different fields; textile industry (my own spinning unit in Russia), commercial with the sale of building materials (Russia). I also worked in the management of student registration office at the Russian Embassy in Tunisia and I taught Textile Engineering at ISET Ksar Hellal. Since then, I have followed several courses in entrepreneurship and obtained the certificates of aptitude in traditional Gastronomy and knitting.

Why salts?

I chose to invest in flavored salt because it is a spice that is used a lot in Tunisia. There is little innovation and choice around this product. I wanted to propose a new product ready to be used in our dishes. It is an innovative product with high potential that is likely to be adopted by Tunisian consumers because it carries the traditional characteristics (the presence of flavors) and at the same time, it is a new product

Where can we find the salts?

Flav’Or salts are currently marketed in the main shops selling local products and fine grocery stores throughout Tunisia. My short term goal is to start the collaboration with supermarkets and to export this 100% natural and 100% Tunisian product.

I also want to enrich the range of products by making the oil flavored plants. And my long-term dream is to have my own farm where I will grow all the plants used in production to create the complete value chain and ensure the traceability and quality of my products.


Viktoria Danilko tel +216 96 48 56 12

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