Many things have disappeared in Tunisia: purchasing power, security, the possibility of finding a job and decent housing, the fact of being able to afford a real moment of leisure with family, friends and children. So many essential things in the life and everyday life of each of us.

Something even more important has disappeared in many of us: the pride of being Tunisian, trust in us, trust in others. We felt the need to get together around our national team to share an intense experience together.

3ich Tounsi organizes the campaign “Mademek Tounsi” in a series of 4 events in Tunisia whose access is free and open to everyone. The objective of this campaign is to revive Tunisians moments of intense together, show that despair and despondency are not a fatality for Tunisians but on the contrary, there are still reasons for hope in our country .

Four events in four different places to display deep convictions:

  • June 18, 2018 in El Jem from 16h to 22h, because our beaches, our forests, our desert, our hotels are reserved for tourists, and the Tunisian is a foreigner in his own country. 3ich Tounsi wants to make an archaeological site, mainly visited by tourists, a popular gathering place.
  • June 18, 2018 in Rjim Maatoug from 16h to 22h, because as far as we are in Tunisia, we are still in Tunisia. On the borders of Tunisia, 3ich Tounsi in the small border town because every Tunisian wherever he is must feel Tunisian.
  • 23 June 2018 at Kef from 10h to 21h, because in addition to having exceptional terroirs that are not valued, 3ich Tounsi also wants to honor the human potential: organizational skills, creativity, effort for an event of very high standards.
  • June 28, 2018 in Malassine from 16h to 22h, because happiness should not be the monopoly of wealthy neighborhoods. The last cultural event going back almost 20 years, the challenge was raised to organize with the inhabitants of Malassine a large event, safe and without any incident in this popular district.

In addition to the broadcast of matches, 3ich Tounsi also offers spectators to enjoy the village Tounsi 3ich: an area where young and old can be entertained with games, enjoy Tunisian specialties revisited. Priority access for families with children under six, for the disabled, the elderly and pregnant women will also be made available to the public.

For the experience to be unique and exceptional 3ich Tounsi has thought of all the amenities: infirmary and ambulance on site, sanitary and important safety device so that everyone can live fully of the event.

Source: Press