“Make my Wed” is an agency specializing in events in Djerba. Introducing the “wedding planner” with all its attributes is a challenge in the region. Interview with Louisa Elfki, a Franco-Algerian professional who fell in love with the island. Interview.

1001Tunisia: Specialized in the organization of weddings and tailor-made events in Tunisia, where does your agency operate?

Louisa El Fiki: Our studio “Make My Wed” is based on the island of Djerba. We travel all over the country and even beyond our borders. Our services and tailor-made creations are as varied as the diversity of our customers because we are committed to adapting to all requests.

What do you think is a successful ceremony?

A successful wedding is a personalized, elegant and harmonious ceremony. It is not necessarily an infinite budget wedding. Like the future spouses, the event can be done in a unique setting with feet in the sand, by the sea or in the desert. A marriage can be held in the middle of nature, in rolling plains or in the heart of the forest. Whether organized in a small committee or large assembly, the key is to create a visual harmony where each element makes sense.

In concrete terms, what would characterize your organization in events and tailor-made creations of so many others?

Based on our past professional experience in event organization and artistic creations, our aim is to bring a new approach; An approach that is both aesthetic and personalized for small and large events in life. Whether it is for the organization and / or decoration of a wedding, birthday, birth, EVJF-EVG [bachelor party], we propose Services ranging from the design of stationery to tailor-made creations, from the decoration and scenography of a venue to the complete organization of an event. Each service is tailor-made at the request of the customer.

How would a marriage you dream to organize be?

A dream wedding, according to “Make My Wed”, is a ceremony with a new aesthetic approach. The whole thing is to be between fairness and harmony and where simplicity is the very essence of beauty. This marriage mixes an idyllic and unusual setting with an elegant decoration thought and created in the smallest details to perfectly harmonize with the spirit of the place and the event.

What is the most beautiful place in Tunisia to organize a wedding?

Tunisia is rich with an extraordinary architectural heritage, unusual and natural. So we do not think of putting forward one region of the country more than another, simply because each place is unique.

The important thing is to be able to celebrate their union in a space chosen according to their desires, needs and also their means. Some will have the opportunity to privatize a masterly architectural space, others will simply choose, by symbolic, the garden of their house. The essential thing is that it makes sense and corresponds to the chosen aesthetic.

And for the bachelor party of boy or girls?

A EVJF-EVG is a moment of union to mark a course, that of the transition from celibacy to marital status. The idea is to share with your best friends, good moments in good spirits. Again, the event must be in the image of the person concerned. We can organize a weekend in a surprise destination, an evening in a very good restaurant, an afternoon in the heart of a magnificent spa, a shooting session where the photographer immortalizes moments of complicity.

What is the average budget for a ceremony in Tunisia?

There is no average budget. It all depends on what you want to organize. Some weddings will take place in luxury over several days, bringing together dozens or even hundreds of people around delicious tables. Others will be done in a small committee, or just for a day.

First of all, it is important to define one’s  budget and then prioritize one’s desires. You have to know how to make choices because most of the time, the budget is not infinite! The idea is therefore to determine what is most important for oneself: the number of days of the festivities, the places, the number of guests, the wedding dress, meals, floral decoration, stationery, music, Photography, videography, etc.

By prioritizing one’s desires, it is easier to make decisions and adapt the marriage to their budget [and not vice versa …]. And it is also for this reason that it is always easier to be accompanied by a “wedding planner” when organizing their wedding. There will be very valuable advice, think of all the details, coordinate between the different providers and manage the unexpected to orchestrate an event in the image of the bride and groom.

Are you married at 25 and 50 in the same way? What do you recommend for late marriages?

Indeed, one does not marry in the same way according to his age, his personality and his financial means. The later you get married, the more you usually have savings to mark the event majestically. It is then easier to orchestrate a marriage such as one has always dreamed of.

On the other hand, if you marry young and the budget is more limited, you will have to make more concessions. Marriage is one of the happiest days of one’s life; But nothing is needed to get into debt to begin the union of newlyweds. It is better to celebrate the event with ease.


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