Maison de Senteurs was born in 1999. With a line of cosmetic products that unfolds around 400 products, in a decade it becomes the reflex gift and also the beauty gesture when one wants to have fun while doing good. The house has just launched a new range of products based on prickly pear oil. To find out more, 1001tunisie meets Rym Fakhfakh Oueniche, Director of Brand Development. Conducted by Amel DJAIT

1001tunisie: Maison de Senteur has just created a range based on oil of prickly pear. Is it a fashion issue or a promising market?

Rym Fakhfakh Ouenniche: The fashion is already there and it is obvious that Maison de Senteur offers its loyal customers products that have the wind in their sails. Our clients are beautiful, demanding and take care of their skin. Our role is to offer them the best. From there, we have introduced the prickly pear oil in a complete range intended for the active Tunisian who takes care of her skin.

What are the products?

Our range is deployed on several products such as cleansing milk, facial cleansing gel, active day cream, moisturizing night cream, anti-aging serum, anti-stain serum ….

Tell us about this product. With whom have you worked for oil? What are its benefits?

The range was created by Maison de Senteur, which from the very beginning launched its commitment to work with Tunisian raw materials and the whole cultural universe that refers to them. So after working with jasmine, aloe vera and olive oil, it seemed obvious to us to work on the oil of prickly pear

Where to find these products?

In our various shops in particular those of La Marsa, Gammarth, Lake, Gabes, Djerba, De Carrefour, ….

What is the name of the range? Is the prickly pear oil organic?

Absolutely. The “Missnature” range is produced with our partner who produces organic prickly pear oil. I guarantee that to try it is to adopt it!

Does Maison de Senteur export? How is it known?

We are a medium-sized company and we export to the Middle East, Africa, France and Italy. In Tunisia, we go to our customers and radiate throughout the territory. Internationally, we participate in several trade fairs including Frankfurt, Milan, Algiers, Dubai …