The highlights of this fully renovated center in 2011 are undeniably its massages, the professionalism of the staff and the advanced technology used.

Far from the too “medical” coldness of some establishments, here one benefits from the best know-how in an enchanting setting and with the warmth of the Tunisian welcome. The massages are large and are made by a smiling staff, available and attentive to the specific needs of the client. Far from the image of the curists on the chain, the center of the Hasdrubal Thalassa&Spa offers a framework and quality of services worthy of the largest thalassotherapy centers in the world. And the high rate of faithful curists who come back every year does not deceive.

The center has 2 seawater pools (one indoor and the other open air), some 60 cabins and a tea room offering a wide range of natural and organic herbal teas, three rest rooms ( One with water mattress, one in the space tisanerie and a third cavitosonic), as well as a shop that allows those who want to prolong their well-being at home to buy the products used in the center.

Here, the detail counts and everything is implemented in the smallest detail to offer the curator relaxation and optimal well-being. From the tea room where your hot drink is served with a cinnamon stick, the subtle effluvium of essential oil from the center, the smile of the hydrotherapists, or even the little wet linen scented with floral water. Orange tree to refresh you. The spaces are vast, airy, bathed in soft natural light and the soft sound of water or some colorful parakeets that occupy the aviaries create a subtly warm and zen atmosphere.

The products used in the center are those of the Algotherm brand, but also for massage oils and cosmetic products. The center uses biological products Biocosmowarack, Soleil d’Orient … The thalassotherapy center of the Hasdrubal hotel is well accessible Obviously to the hotel’s residents Hasdrubal Thalassa&Spa  and, by reservation, to external customers. The center also has a private spa where you can be pampered alone or as a couple.

Thalassotherapy Center Hasdrubal Thalassa&Spa Midoun
Manager of the center : M. Meftah Amery
Doctor of the center: Docteur Aya Haj-Slimane
Address : Zone touristique de Midoun – BP 82 4116 Midoun – Djerba

Phone : (+216) 75 730 657 – E-mail :
Site :

Description :

Surface : 5000 m2
Capacity : 150 curists/day
Number of cabins : 60 divided between those of hydrotherapy, massage and aesthetics

-Plus: the “Hands of the World” and “Mandara” treatments focused on the world’s massages, seaweed or rosemary wraps in a warm blanket and immersed in warm water, the 10 facials Algotherm, 2 seawater pools (1 indoor pool and 1  outdoor)

-Cares: Hydro massage, jet shower, underwater shower, affusion shower with 2 to 4 hand massage, sea rain, sandfly, sea leg care, rosemary or seaweed wrap, marine rehabilitation, whirlpool; Treatments in the hammam (Eastern ritual, Berber …) …
Aesthetics: facial care (algo performance, intense algo, algo radiance, care 4 face finger, care of the eye, face drainage …), body care (marine silhouette care, back care, marine care heavy legs, Massage of the feet, hair removal, a range of more than 16 massages (Californian massage, Well-being of the back, lymphatic drainage, Thousand and one nights, Tradition of the Orient with the oil of Argan , Bora-Bora, Mandara with 4 hands, Vishesh with 2 hands, Abhyanga, Shirogriva, Carthage with hot stones, Thai, Palper roll with lemon …)

-The cures : Thalassotherapy cures: Cures Relaxation (Hands of the world, Wellness, Mandara), Cure Sensation Wellness (Sensation Well-being muscular, Sensation Well-being legs, Sensation Well-being of the back, Sensation Beauté Minceur Marine, Aphrodite And Poseidon), Cure Beauty (Venus, Juventas, Thousand and One Nights, Fairy Hands)

Situation Plan :

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