Ayachi Zammel is the proud Managing Director of Safir, a Siliana-based agribusiness firm that is proving its worth nationally and internationally. Resolutely turned towards the future, this chemical engineer carries with him the inheritance of 3 generations and engages massively for the development of the whole of its region. Meeting.

1001Tunisie: What is the recipe for Safir’s success?

Ayachi Zammel: Success is due to the combination of several values ​​such as great tradition, research, technological innovation and a bespoke service. Safir has a unique goal: to offer perfect quality in a fast turnaround time, environmental preservation conditions and in compliance with health and safety standards for consumers.

Here, we adapt to all regulations, even the most drastic. We adapt to prohibitions of products harmful to health. We invest to be up to date with news and trends and have become the preferred partner of international clients seeking excellence.


This necessarily has a consequent cost …

Ayachi Zammel: Absolutely, but Safir has its own vision. Our technology investment and diversification policy is continuous and at all stages of production. We are committed to ensuring excellence in quality and innovation. This dynamic has never stopped, even in times of crisis, which has earned Safir to maintain a leading role while continuing to carefully cherish other values ​​that are dear to us: the perfect knowledge of products and valuation of human and local skills. 

What does the land represent for Safir precisely?

Ayachi Zammel: The source and origin of everything. Here we are in respect but not in nostalgia. Our everyday life tries to answer the following question: How to think of the soil as a tool of development?

Safir in numbers

Safir Ayachi Group produces olive oil, culinary preparations, tomatoes, Tunisian preparations, pickles and spreads.

The company uses during the harvest seasons tomatoes, rosemary, olives, etc … more than 500 people.

Ayachi Oil Mill is a mainstay in the production of extra virgin organic olive oil for export to Tunisia. Its crushing capacity is 500 tons per day.

ISO22000, ISO9001 and ISO17025 quality system and Ecocert, Bio equitable, USDA, KOSHER certifications …

AYACHI Group exports to the four corners of the world: Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Germany ….

Safir produces more than a dozen products for the local market.

Safir won 7 prizes at the 1st National Competition for Local Products and a Prix d’Excellence.

Safir is a privileged partner of the best pizzerias in Tunisia, thanks to its peeled tomatoes and olive oils, like Papa John’s, 716, Carbonara, Focaccia, Crock Pizza ….

Photo credits: Pierre Gassin

Ayachi Zammel