Dar Alouini, a sumptuous new guest house in Kairouan


Dar Alouini is a sumptuous and authentic new guesthouse located in the heart of the old town of Kairouan, a medina registered since 1988 on the list of World Heritage by Unesco. Photo report Pierre Gassin

Composed of 9 rooms and suites that meet the pretty names of jasmine, lavender, lilac, neroli, amber, rose, geranium …

The guest house has a steam room, reception area, an indoor pool and a terrace with a direct view of the Grand Mosque of Kairouan. In fact, here we reach out to almost touch the walls of this iconic mosque, the Okbaa Ibn Naffa.

At sunset time, with the call to prayer, and the golden and ocher tones of the walls of the ramparts, the moment becomes unique and breathtaking beauty.

Dar Alouini is today the new elegant and authentic address of Kairouan. It is also and above all a great family of Kairouan.

The owners of the places receive at home, in the respect of the art of living and the ancestral values ​​and undertake to put a personalized and cordial reception as well as a quality of meeting and exchange of high bill.

34 Rue Oum Iyadh. 3100 Kairouan
Tel : +216 77.231.321
Mail : hello@dar-alouini.com

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