sidi bou said

Renowned French author Gustave Flaubert did not find his inspiration merely in Carthage, but also in breathtaking Sidi Bou. The neighbouring village is one of the crown jewels of the Mediterranean Sea. Founded by a Sufi figure, Sidi Bou Said is a pure delight. Any visitor that experienced its wonderful sights and smells fell in love with it.

Said” is the Arabic word for “happy”, and “dar” means “home”. Dar Said is a charming hotel founded in 2013 and part of Majestic hotel chain. Its gorgeous architecture gathers vaults, cupolaes and arches. Actress Claudia Cardinale is among the loyal customers and has even given her name to one of the suites. Spending the night here means soaking in the jasmine perfume, stunning surroundings, and being immersed in a unique atmosphere.

Dar said à sidi bou said
Dar said à sidi bou said

A relaxing Spa just for you !

To complete this heavenly picture, a relaxing spa with rustic settings is waiting for you. Want to taste succulent food? The adjoining restaurant – Dar Zarrouk – offers incredible specialties. Happiness can truly be found in Dar Said!


Dar Said : Rue Toumi 2026 – Sidi Bou Said – Tunisie 
Tel : (+216) 71 729 666

Crédit photo : Pierre Gassin