Ségou’Art- In Mali, from February 2nd to 9th, 2019, artists of all stripes will participate in the biennale of contemporary art Ségou’Art 2019 in its second edition, as part of the festival on Niger 2019 in Mali. Event taking place at the former cotton factory (C.M.D.T) of Ségou, launched and managed by Mamou Daffé, Malian cultural engineer, and sponsored by Abdoulaye Konaté, one of the great figures of the plastic arts of the country.Ségou'Art 1

Ségou’Art 2019: Strong presence of Tunisia

Tunisia, the organizing country, is distinguished by a strong artistic presence represented on one side by the collective Interférences, promoter of many projects on the arts of lights; and on the other hand, “The Emotion of Emotion”, the new African art movement, founded in Tunisia by Sadika Keskes, the famous glassblower and Director of the Alain Nadaud Gallery. This current, open to the universe, praising beauty and praising emotion, aspires to conquer the world in its flesh thanks to the art emanating from the unique beauty extinguished by the true, and projects itself in a new artistic era, beyond the boundaries of so-called “contemporary” art.

The Tunisian effervescence, initiated by Wadi Mhiri, Tunisian visual artist, through his integration into the organizing committee of the festival as a scenographer, comes alive with a little more than twenty artists, all mobilized to contribute to make art flourish in the mother earth, as well as some internationally renowned cultural actors having conferred, such as: Rachida Triki, philosopher and art critic, Achref Chargui, musician and director of Carthage Music Days and Sadika Keskes .

Ségou'Art 2

The revelation of being, the driving force of societies (exhibition theme of the Emotion of Emotion)

At the C.M.D.T, a gallery is dedicated to “The Emotion of Emotion”. The seven works presented are collective, from the genesis of the idea to the last dispositions in place. Nourished by a powerful spirit of artistic sharing and fueled by the strong combination of creative powers of artists.

Based on mixed techniques, 2 weaving predominates, strengthening the link between the work and the one who looks at it. Arranged in chains and frames, the materials cross the real and the unreal, the terrestrial and the celestial and tie the unconscious essence to the existential life.

Figure 1: Windows of Beau sur Jardin (Beautiful on the garden) (detail)

Figure 2: Knotless emotions nodes A performance-installation dealing with the interrogation of being and entitled “being is. Mine is alive ” was produced exclusively and had a great success with a varied audience, composed of all age groups.

Figure 3: Performance “Being is. Mine is alive »


At the center of the exhibition of Ségou’Art 2019, the “revelation of being” stands on the pedestal. Covering his six emotions (joy, fear, disgust, anger, surprise and sadness), matters of his creativity, the human reconnects with his being to be able to find his deep truth and act as a creator, a driving force. evolution and progression of companies. 3 Through the plastic expression of the six emotions (Figure 2) and the canvases subtilized by female nudity (Exp.1), the call to the liberation of being is expressed differently to let emerge this luminous side, buried often under the strata of conformism.

Ségou'Art broderie

In the space-time of the movement, the works are intended to be close to the public and the invitation is openly announced to the touch of materials and fibers and the tastes and fragrances of childhood, provided by the cachet-emotions, concocted artisanally with natural aromas.

In the air, the being floats, this little voice sometimes lurking in obscurity, often contained in the details of existence; to extirpate it from an oblivion that has become almost automatic through social heaviness and self-censorship, is the salvation of every soul who wants to be free. The universe where flourishes a flourishing creativity has no place for darkness and even less for obscurantism exacerbated and ephemeral.

Artists Participants in the works:

Khaled Abida, Ikram Ben Brahim, Saif Ben Hammed, Hichem Ben Khelifa, Hamadi Ben Neya, Sabrine Ben Ouali, Mahmoud Bouchiba, Hamza Fetni, Mouna Fradi, Nourhene Ghazel, Houcem Ghorbel, Houda Ghorbel, Sadika Keskes, Chawki Lahmar, Yosr Messaoud, Takoua Mned, Marwen Trabelssi, Imene Wadhene. Curator of the exhibition: Neïla Mhiri

Source : Press