Bio Garden is the story of Melika Ben Amara, a passionate of nature, organic products and Tunisia. Malika wanted to create her own line of care and thus Bio Garden is born in 2011 . A range of 42 know, twenty flavors (jasmine, peach, anise, jasmine, misk, chamomile, orange, lavender, ylang ylang but also, sental chocolate ravinstara, cedar …) and many interesting shapes. The touch of home that are soaps shaped cup-cakes that are almost croquerait but also the olive leaf that mark his jump soaps with olive oil or chamomile flowers dotted in those to chamomile. Moreover, the salt and chamomile facial scrubs or ylang-ylang and sugar are excellent products that moisturize while they cleanse the skin.

The solid perfume is subtle fell, smell, not heady, remains stable and a touch at the elbow hollow reveals the sensuality of a woman. Lip balms (chocolate, vanilla, cherry …) have both moisturizing and restorative virtue. In short, a brand that wants us only good. When you know for some time all the harmful consequences of repeated use of chemicals such as parabens, preservative, coloring … on our health, completely natural and artisanal Bio Garden allows us to combine beauty and health!
The Garden Organic products can be customized for those who wish to small orders, ideal for guest houses, charming hotels or particular who want to have a quality product to their image.

Pricewise, they are proportional to the quality of products and their traditional character: 5.5 to 7DT soap, 7DT mask, scrub or lip balm to 1DT to 2,5dt effervescent bath balls .
Individuals can buy Bio Garden products directly from Melika but also in Tunis at the Atelier Gourmand  Arabian flavours Berges du Lac, at Napolis Bio, la boutique Vi of La Marsa and a new shop, Dar Yas La Marsa (roundabout of the entrance to the City Pins, road side of Carthage).


Bio Garden

Melika Ben Amara
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