In terms of cuisine, the restaurant takes up the challenge to make you crack for a chorba “tchiche” with snails. Do not be surprised! This is simply divine!

“L’Escargot” (The snail) is aptly named as it serves these fried shellfish gratin or parsley … All a symphony … In addition to snails, the menu is varied and meats are better than each other. Try the lamb served with “borghol” with dates and you tell’ll me about that. You understand, we literally fall for the Snail and its dose of daring cuisine.

The comings and goings of the property owner in the restaurant is part of the ballet pleasure. Ezzedine Chaieb is smiling and animated by true passion for his craft. Grand Bailiff and Tunisia President of the powerful “Chaîne des Rôtisseurs” his other fights, fights for the Ezzedine radiation Tunisian cuisine internationally.

“L’Escargot” is a delicate and original place that has retained over the years its reputation and customer base. An address that is shared with as much pleasure and pride. Attentive service and nice porcelain dishes, small terrace ideal for season lovers.

Price issue, they are not excessive. The price / quality ratio far exceeds many other more “trendy” places but looking less on the quality of food. You’ll understand “L’Escargot” offers a real trip visual and gustatory …

Amel Djait

87, route de la Corniche – 4000 Sousse
Phone: (+216) 73 224 779

Le Blanco


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