Not particularly. The restaurant is unpretentious stop. A lunch restaurant for a snack with friends before returning to work or shopping as we work or walk in the neighborhood of Berges du Lac.

The “Bayrouth Café” is a modern space that is divided into two, a restaurant upstairs and the other dedicated to fast food and catering office is too. Nice terrace to sip tea.

The restaurant serves tasty food without one note of the special efforts for the presentation. In the same dish can worship “keftah” so it is fragrant, tender and surprising that the calf is a little harder and overcooked. The side dishes are delicious and the “Bayrouth Café” plate is really generous. Count 17,900 dt a dish. Lebanese sandwiches are between 3dt and 3,800 dt. Drinks are 2,000 dt.

Bayrouth café
67, rue du lac Wendermer – Les Berges du Lac
Phone: (+216) 71 960 244