The new episode of “Alf Thneya we Thneya” sponsored by the Arab Tunisian Bank evokes an emblematic product of Tunisia; olive oil. One way or another, this product concerns us all, because it punctuates our daily life, and represents an important part of our vegetal cover, economy, traditions … Today and more than ever, the olive oil is a gift. Especially when associated with an object of our craft.

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“Art and Art Gourmet” is a gift box 100% Tunisian. Composed of a bottle of organic olive oil and a craft object, it is an illustration of the quintessence of our country; Tunisia.

The box is a gift that is fun. It touches in turn all those who love the flavors and arts of living, the authentic tastes and the terroir …

It is certain that some will recall the old grandmothers ‘tales and’ others will evoke the craftsmanship of craftsmen … By its content, its presentation and its concept the cabinet is a journey; a very nice trip.

Elegant, in this box “Art and Gourmet Art” no detail is left to chance: the bottle is beautiful, the old-fashioned label puts Tunisia in its original setting, the heart of the Mediterranean through a beautiful geographical map .

The box is displayed in green and gold tones that recall the colors of the fertile lands of Beja and Kef, shortly before the wheat harvest season.

Each box offers a story and comes in various collections. In addition to olive oil, you can find either a decorated wooden spoon or a sand rose mounted in a jewel or a “khomsa” in silver when it is not a ceramic tile or a mosaic frame or a weave garnished with lavender to perfume the cupboards …

This box talks about Tunisia. It is one of the affirmations of our identity and history in and with great detail. The latter, the detail, is pushed to the extreme. Even the cap of the olive oil bottle is a nod to the gladiatorial clothing of Carthage.

The boxes are designed and made by the company “Art and Art Gourmet”. They are worn by a woman who has spent her life between agriculture and art.

Conscious that she can not do without both fields, Lemia Boujemâa Majoul found the parade. She creates a product that resembles her passions, which resembles her. Testimonial: “Initially, we sold everything that appealed to the craft industry. Only, considering my passion for agriculture, I was doing well in other sectors but I could not help but return to my passion for agriculture. And that’s how “Art and Art Gourmet” is born. Today, the boxes are special collections. Those who have the most success are the boxes with a mosaic, a jewel or olive wood and worked with a palm of gold. Our first international release was in New York in 2015, as part of the “Fancy Food Show”. Then there was the “Dubai Golf Food” during which our boxes were very popular. The secret ? In fact, we offer a product that is both “healthy and tasty”, in addition to telling the oriental culture.

Lemia Boujemaa Majoul will not stop there since soon new boxes with dates “deglette Nour” and a collection highlighting the floral waters like rose water will be proposed.

The box “Art and Art Gourmet” has attracted, quickly, the attention of many companies and institutions. They are available in the Bardo Museum shop. The Heritage Development Agency offers the brand’s products in its outlets in the many museums of the country but also at the international airport of Tunis-Carthage.

Where to find it? Art and Art, 2 nd floor, Le Zephyr shopping center La Marsa.

Phone: (+ 216) 98 345 164

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Photo Credit: Pierre Gassin