The idea of ​​Farm Trust was born from his little personal experience in the field of agriculture. It is by noting that the fruit and vegetable distribution circuit has too many intermediaries during which the product loses quality and that the price increases, if not exploding, that Wassim came up with the idea of ​​founding “Farm Trust “.

This is also evident for his friend and now associate Anis Mezghani. Since then, the two young men concentrated their efforts on finding solutions to overcome the difficulty of sourcing organic products in Tunisia. They deliver baskets from organic farming to a demanding clientele sensitive to “healthy”, “tasty and organic”. Interview with Wassim Khiari to learn more.

1001Tunisie: What are your sources of supply?

Wassim Khiari: “Farm Trust” gets its supplies directly from farmers in majority. We also cooperate with other resellers of organic products to try to offer the widest possible range to our customers.

To date, we have three product lines; Certified organic products and this is the most expensive product. Natural products and here we are talking about naturally grown and old-fashioned products. That said, we are very attentive on the quality and the conditions of productions. We make scheduled visits and other surprises to be closer to the farmers. And last but not least, our company offers conventional products and strives to be sure of low-processed products. Our selection criterion is then the taste and not the beautiful!


How does delivery work?

For the moment deliveries are on Friday and Saturday. You must place an order on our website no later than Wednesday evening. All our products are harvested on order and are delivered to our customers within a period not exceeding 30 hours after being harvested.

You can deliver where and how many baskets to date?

Our delivery capacity is around 25-30 baskets per week. It’s a new business and for the moment we are only two people.

What is the cost of the order?

Everything is mentionned on our site and depends on the products.

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