The Concept Store ” The Red Bee ” is a hive of talented creators. His strength, he draws from the passion of the hostess for craft work. For Cyrine Sanchou, it is important for artisans to have a fair place. Her approach is said to be ethical: She explains: “What I’m trying to do is to present to customers beautiful creations made by beautiful souls with whom I love to work.” The recipe seems efficient, “The Red Bee” sees the number of “creators-collaborators” rising. The house prides itself on offering new products almost every week.The Red Bee concept
Over the days Cyrine Sanchou sculpts her own definition of the Concept Store and in this sense, “The Red Bee” is “a philosophy of life, that of living one’s passion, trusting and surrounding oneself with beautiful A Concept Store is a shop of objects of art and craft various and varied It is a collection of objects made by hand and with love The object is then either unique or produced in very limited edition “

The Red Bee entry
“The Red Bee” offers the creations of more than 70 creators in addition to the own brand of the Concept Store which is “The Red Bee Design”. To date, the flagship products of the house are the cap “Chechiya” revisited and the latest born handbags, “The 007”.

The Red Bee bags

When we ask Cyrine Sanchou what is the secret of the recent passion of Tunisians for the concept store, she replied: “I think that Tunisians are looking for products that embody the creativity and know-how of their country. I meet a lot of people who want to buy Tunisian to encourage young designers and creators to develop and make known other things of our Tunisia both innovation and quality “.jebba fashionAnd meetings are not lacking! Enthusiastic, the young woman specifies: “My road is perched of beautiful meetings with creators of talents! At the concept store, I only offer talent products that I believe in. Until then, customers have validated my choices even if sometimes it may take a little more time. You have to know how to be patient and perseverant “.colliers berbères