Selma Bouzgarrou

Selma Bouzgarrou is Tunisian and lives in Australia.
So far nothing special! There are Tunisians in the four corners of the world. The young woman designs and produces wooden watches of beauty and originality. Meeting around the brand SO YOU!
Selma, PhD student in English Linguistics, is passionate about a field that has nothing to do with her academic vocation; design. In 2014 while she moved to Australia where she does a few jobs, she is more determined than ever to be a clean boss. From 2018, she designs some models of original watches made essentially of natural wood and darkens with ardor and conviction in entrepreneurship.
Selma Bouzgarou then discovers a universe of which she ignores almost everything: “I made my first designs and contacted specialists in wood and watches for help. I remember my first experience in this field as if it were yesterday … The watches are made of several types of natural woods such as ebony, olive, bamboo or Zebra. ”
Once her first collection was designed, Selma chose to launch it in Tunisia. And you guessed it, it’s a success! SO YOU watches sell like hotcakes. Since then, the young brand has been gaining the confidence of Tunisians as much as that of Australians. SO YOU watches are of course marketed on these two markets.
Speaking of her launch, Selma admits: “It was difficult but with perseverance and self-confidence, we can move forward! Today my community is growing and offer an original product and well done is my leitmotiv. The new 2019 collection has just been launched and I am very happy about it “.

The 2019 collection consists of 10 models. SO YOU is available in some Concept store in Tunisia as Jolla Concept Store in Kram. The young woman sells online and the price of watches vary between 149 and 169 DT.

For those who wonder what is the meaning of SO YOU, Selma answers: SO for Selma, my first name and YOU for Youssef, my son. A link above all, that of a mother to her son.