Rawka is a Tunisian cosmetic line that is about to ramp up. Conceived, directed and produced by young Tunisians installed in Sousse, we liked the packadging, tested the product, appreciated the couple’s story and that of the company … Interview with Amel DJAIT

1001Tunisie: What does Rawka mean?

Mehdi Ghourabi: Rawka is a name of Arab origin. It denotes the beauty in its purest form; the epitome of beauty. It is also the name of one of the two founders of the brand: Rawka BOUALI GHOURABI and Mehdi GHOURABI.

Your products are natural, organic, Tunisian …. How do you define yourfself?

Rawka is a line of natural skin care bio marine containing up to 95% of ingredients from organic agriculture. Our concept draws much of its strength in the search for synergies between land and sea combining in a unique way the extraordinary properties of seaweed with exceptional virtues of rare and precious botanical extracts. The result are natural care, scientifically proven actions and new sensory properties.

Is Rawka a Tunisian product?

Absolutely. Rawka is a 100% brand “tounsia”; developed by “touensas” and manufactured in Tunisia. Moreover, the brand displays its Tunisianness with pride and values of the component and noble ingredients from Tunisian soil. In addition, we supply as possible from local producers.

Technically what is your commitment?

We do not use water in our products but hydrolats. We do not use synthetic fragrances but essential oils. We do not use parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone, petrochemical derivatives or mineral oils. In addition, our flasks, violet glass, were specially designed to maintain and increase the lifetime of natural products.

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Are the seaweed used local ?

At present, only spirulina is Tunisian. Other species of algae that we use are grown in protected concessions on the Brittany coast. These are species that have proved effective in clinical studies. Our goal in the medium term, is to do the same with Tunisian algae.

What is your background and how did you end up in cosmetics?

After getting our degrees in marine biotechnology, Rawka moved towards the world of scientific research by starting a PhD in Marine Biology. From my side, I pursued studies between France and the Netherlands, where I specialized in the development and exploitation of seaweed for cosmetic use. It seemed we, subsequently, natural to apply our knowledge and expertise in developing a care line.

What are your 3 flagship products?

Our Velvet Facial Scrub is the product that tends to (pleasantly) surprise our clients. It is particularly effective because it does not contain abrasive particles and rough and gives immediate effect. It is a creamy scrub, extremely soft to the cotton flower powder. It removes dead skin cells and makes the skin soft and luminous. It is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Our flagship product is the second Hydrating Antioxidant day cream. She has a lot of success with its nourishing effect. It provides intense hydration to 3 layers of the skin and improves its elasticity while protecting from external aggression and fighting free radicals.

Our third product is the antioxidant face  soap . This is especially appreciated and stands out well soaps present in the Tunisian market. A essential oil Basilica and spirulina is a cold saponified soap and preserves the properties of its components. This soap is ultra soft and cleans without drying or tug skin.

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What do you say to those who are skeptical with respect to local products?

We understand perfectly. It is a lack of trust that is usually due to a bad experience with a Tunisian product. That is why we are listening to our customers and their needs. We take the time to explain the numerous properties of seaweed, still little known in Tunisia. We do not hesitate to let them try us so they can discover the textures and form an opinion about the comfort of application and finally, we bring them personalized advice. These are little things they appreciate enormously.

Our relationship with our customers is based on a moral commitment. The most important is that they know that we use noble ingredients and top quality. We are fully transparent by indicating all the components of our products on the packaging, the percentage of natural ingredients and the percentage of ingredients from organic agriculture. We guarantee the effectiveness of our products through clinical testing.

The final word?

Try them, you will adopt them!

For further information: https://www.facebook.com/RAWKA-325973474256500/