“Stay strong when you feel weak, brave when you’re scared, and humble when you’re victorious.” That’s the kind of positive quotes and thoughts shared by Khawla Saad on her twitter account. Miss Kasserine is a young woman of 22 years who competes with 15 other misses in title of Miss Tunisia. Sporty and slender, generous and committed, Khawla has an applied license in clothing design and graphic design. She answers questions from 1001Tunisia. By Amel Djait

1001Tunisie: You wear the colors of Kasserine in the contest of Miss Tunisia 2016. What does this mean to you?

Khawla Saad: I am proud to represent the Kasserine woman; A brave and combative, educated and cultured woman. She is an authentic woman who lives in modernity. And beyond the Kasserinoise, it is the Tunisian woman as a whole that is exceptional

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What does Kasserine mean to you?

It matters a lot to me! You can imagine what it means to carry the title ‘Miss Kasserine 2016’!

Few people know Kasserine and I am here to try to represent it at best and give a good image.

Kasserine is not only the “Chaambi” and the stronghold of terrorism. It is a city with wonderful heritage and has an incredible natural wealth. It is a city of peace, love and beauty.

When will the contest take place?

The final evening of the Miss Tunisia 2016 Competition will be held December 3rd inchallah!

What makes you particularly proud?

Kasserine and above all her youth supports me beyond all and all. It touches me at the highest point!


miss kasserine

What are the beautiful sites, perfumes, songs, costumes of the region?

The beautiful sites of Kasserine are numerous. Know that only the archaeological site of Sbeitla contains 1/3 of the historical monuments in Tunisia. It is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the category less known and exhibited, I would mention the archaeological site of Khmouda, where there is an exceptional heritage. Kasserine is also Haidra, …

In Kasserine, we wear a beautiful traditional costume called “la malya”. It is a superb stuff that is characterized by different colors and patterns (flowers or peas). The outfit is fastened by the “hzem”, a goat wool belt in bright and vibrant colors.

What can we wish you to win the title of Miss Tunisia 2016?

Thank you very much for your wishes but you know how you can help me? By helping me to launch a cry of alarm to help the Tunisians who live in lamentable conditions. They are cut off from the world for lack of roads and infrastructure. Imagine that even today, when it rains, children can not go to school. The rain also blocks the parents. They can go to hospitals or to the city!


miss kasserine avec les enfants
What are you doing right now ?

I work on my humanitarian project in Kasserine, in the Foussena delegation, and more precisely in the village of Bireno “Jbal Bireno Samema”. It is a border village with Algeria which lives in a very difficult socio-economic situation. It is about restoring a primary school and there I really need ways to rebuild the road and emergency!

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