This dinner-restaurant  in the hotel Hasdrubal Thalassa&Spa Midoun , the colors of international and Tunisian cuisine are brought high. The flavors are subtly worked for the happiness of our taste buds.

It is rare to find in the main restaurant of a Tunisian hotel in a tourist area such as quality standards in products that their preparation or service. Here no flip flops or shorts but a formal dress for these gentlemen like these ladies, and staff will be sure to ask a lot of decorum that you pass to the rule.

The waiters are attentive, efficient, discreet and impeccably gloved. The menu card 45 dt per person, excluding drinks, revolves around a choice of entry or buffet, a hot dish (meat, fish or vegetarian) and a cheese buffet and a dessert. The appetizer buffet as homemade desserts each flavor is rich and is crafted with attention.

Here you’ll understand it’s not the amount that is in the spotlight but the quality of each dish, each ingredient. The hot dish served at the table comes in poile swordfish and its medley of crunchy vegetables, perfectly tailored to the French, veal tenderloin with sauce, fish couscous, Klaya … Meat is the best in the country, tenderness and a taste equivalent to qualities such as Charolais France.

“The Amilcar” is open only at night and accessible to non-residents on reservation. It has a bathroom and a large outdoor terrace for al fresco dining in the summer. So if you are looking for good food in Djerba for an exquisite evening, you found it!


The Amilcar
Hôtel Hasdrubal Thalassa&Spa

Tourist Zone – Midoun – B.P. 82 4116 Djerba
Phone: (+216) 75 730 657
E-mail :
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