While many have dwelt on his confession, others have applauded the arrival of a pro at the helm of the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts; Rene Trabelsi. A visit card that enjoys unparalleled international visibility. Amel DJAIT

With his appointment, Youssef Chahed, head of the government sends a strong signal to the extent that he names someone of the trade, then a Tunisian of Jewish confession, the last minister of this minority Tunisian community goes back to 1959, and then and especially, he dares what the many government leaders who preceded him did not dare to do.

René Trabelsi has been heard, consulted and rumors of his appointment to Av Med V have been recurring since the end of the Troika. With this appointment, Chahed asserts courage and signs a different style that asserts itself more and more.

With this appointment, René Trabelsi, who already has his feet in the stirrup and a practical knowledge of the marketing, promotion and production of the destination will be able to gallop. It is also in his disability that his strength lies. Not knowing the functioning of the Tunisian administration will allow him to dare, to push the imitates and not to be cold to the eyes.

Tunisian to the tips of his nails, passionate Djerba, where he was born, and favorite destination on which he operates mainly, Rene Trabelsi is the boss of the tour operator (TO) Royal First Travel. Operating from France, it has almost never dissociated from the destination and has supported the country in the face of thorny controversies and media attacks, especially during rumors of ban entry to the Tunisian territory of tourists, appointment from Jerusalem capital by Trump, BBQ at the Jewish cemetery of Sousse, etc.

René Trabelsi is co-organizer of the Ghriba pilgrimage and son of the president of the Jewish committee of Ghriba. In Djerba and in the ranks of local and international professionals, he has important relays that will deploy to support him in his new mission. The local Tunisian as well as international press welcomed his appointment.

That said, it goes without saying that this same appointment makes cringe and raise many voices. Between those who claim his head because of his confession and those who believe that there is already conflict of interest, the exercise of René Trabelsi will not be a long calm river.

Energetic, René Trabelsi is as used to polemics as negotiations. This djerbien who is on the move is brimming with ideas to promote the destination. We bet that he will be able to expand his team, refresh his lines of promotion and bet on a move upmarket services of the destination. His bet, succeed the coming season and deploy on other markets issuers of tourists and especially do not settle for France where he has many red carpets in front of him.