Zied Abbes, Mr Mosaic Kit


Frail silhouette  and wide smile, Zied Abbes is a luminous young man. On the booth in the ONA Arti-Cadeau salon, he is busy responding in English to a client, giving his change to another, tapping on a child’s shoulder and answering my questions. The young man launched Neptune Mosaic, a 100% Tunisian product that consists of a box containing everything necessary to assemble a real mosaic. By Amel DJAIT

The Mosaic Kit contains tesserae of various natural stones, marble and clay colors and instructions for use printed on recycled paper. Written in twelve languages, the product is available in some twenty outlets in Tunisia and is already exported to France, the Netherlands, Sweden … Sold with more than 4000 copies on the year 2016, Zied intends to develop in the rest of the world. Combining art with history and ecology at leisure for children, Mosaic Kit is an organic and informative entertainment that has everything to make way.

To introduce himself, Zied Abbes will not say that he is a polyvalent engineer, that he started in 2006 at the Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieur in Valenciennes and at the Institut Supérieur de Mécanique in Paris where he acquired the necessary skills In terms of management and continuous improvement of production and logistics tools. He then joined a master’s degree in Information Systems Management at Paris Dauphine University. Zied just says he is a banker, that he wanted to work on the Tunisian heritage when he seized the potential. Zied Abbes launches his Neptune Mosaic business, refines its business plan and …

Success is there, because there is a real need. He laughs when he talks about it but Mosaic kit helps parents and psys connect children to noble and natural materials, develop their imagination and curiosity and keep them away from computers and “video games”. In her approach, Zied Abbes has chosen the essential: the art of transforming a craft product into an identifiable product with great added value. Today, his website www.neptunemosaic.com is considered a library that contains more than 300 mosaics.

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