Tourism: Responding to the hotel debt and creation of a tax to replenish the promotion budget.


The implementation of these two decisions will add punch to an area that wobbles. A management unit will be responsible for the implementation of the new strategy of tourism. This unit will bring together experts, representatives of the Ministry and ONTT and professional.

Pending the negotiations on Open Sky resume during the month of September for a period of 6 to 12 months, it will be for Tunisian tourism to bridge the digital divide and diversify the Tunisian product in relation to new expectations clienteles.

The Tourism Minister said: “I imagine a fully open after four years with immediate first phase to Tozeur and Tabarka, Djerba and then Enfidha, Monastir and finally Tunis. Note that the Open Sky is useless without a suitable product without targeted communication and without a digital connection worthy of the name. We need to use this negotiating period to catch up in these areas. ”


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