The forests of Tunisia burn


It is a real ecological drama that the Tunisian forests lived, even if during the last month of August, we recorded a fire on August 5 in the forest of Aïn Younes, another in Béja that ravaged 12 hectares of forest trees and Aleppo pines, another in the Zaghouan region …

In all the vegetation that goes up in smoke, there are of course rare plant species and others valuable to the populations that live in them. Populations that live close to these forests and from which they derive a large part of their income when it is not they who also cut off what remains of large trees to make “merdoumas”.

Drama of almost every day for a year and a half is taking place before our eyes in the four corners of the country. The Civil Protection and the firefighters are constantly working to limit the fire but fight with few means before the impossible. Due to the lack of air resources, their task is more than difficult given the control equipment which is almost non-existent in view of the extent of the fires which have occurred most often simultaneously.

Whose fault is it ? Where is prevention? Who cares about this burning heritage? Where is the government that should be aware of the urgency to give means of fighting the fire? Emergencies are obviously elsewhere. There are some who sow the fire and reap terror. Meanwhile, it is Tunisia which burns and which risks to become a brazier

Amel Djait


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