The First Tour of Harissa in Tunisia!


“Harissa Tour” is an excursion which will be organized during the “Festival of harissa and spice” on the initiative of the Tunisian Association of Culinary Arts Professionals and Preservation Association City of Nabeul, 7 , 8 and 9 October 2016. What an idea which could only have biting and spicy!

The tour is designed as a walk in the Cap Bon region and take participants to discover a colorful world and scents. In the tour program:

Visit workshops of spice production.

The great Nabeul spice market (Friday morning weekly market day)

Visit to a farmer to harvest the peppers.

Visit of an industrial plant of harissa. This is from the fresh and seasoned pepper

Visiting a workshop for manufacturing harissa home. This one is made from dried peppers, ground and seasoned.

The question is that at the end of this tour you will know that harissa occurred in the Nabeul region from the Andalusian and that from the 18th century, there was in the market, lamin which  regulated and organized  the sector. Finally, note that the harissa is not a spicy sauce. It is mashed seasoned hot peppers.

“Harissa Tour” is the first that is worth to be supported and encouraged! Strongly that this tour is perpetuated and the Nabeul Saving Association is considering the possibility of the market and to maintain throughout the year. Imagine new communication tools to attract attention and visitors at a party or a festival, it’s good. Maintain a real permanent attraction, would be even better!

The organizers could count on new technologies to guide tourists, visitors, curious fans … Before that, they should rely on local authorities, Ministries of Tourism, Culture, Agriculture .. ..

Meanwhile, as many do not miss this appointment that can not be ignored!


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