The country needs wisdom


They do not seem to be aware of the danger of their behavior that could lead to civil war. If they continue in this way, the country will not succeed in its democratic transition.

Only the wisdom of his men can save the country. A country whose economic and social situation is very difficult. The government and opposition should accept dialogue, show modesty to play a positive and constructive role.

Unfortunately, the conflict between the UGTT (the largest union in the country) and the Ennahda party, proves that our political and union leaders are not geared at all to the voice of wisdom. Venomous statements of Rached Ghannouchi against UGTT at the press conference he held Wednesday, November 5, is proof that this leader does not try to calm the situation: while the government had just negotiated with the UGTT a solution to the Siliana crisis , he came to put the oil on the fire directly accusing the UGTT of treachery, a UGTT which had been attacked while commemorating the death of its great leader Farhat Hached .

Is it a political naivety? This hypothesis is unlikely, as this politician is known to be a great strategist: he would not seek to amplify the conflict with the UGTT without a second thought. Some observers point out that it no longer wants Hamadi Jebali. Therefore, he seeks the deterioration of the country’s situation to cause his departure and his replacement by his men more loyal to Islamist theories.

There remains the question of understanding the motivations of the UGTT who just called for a general strike on December 13! Chercherait- she, for political reasons, to lead the country towards chaos to get rid of the troika in power? Or would it think to revenge on those who attacked and humiliated November 4? Would it aim at a show of force to better position or rather impose a position that it is more favorable?
Without being able to answer all these questions about the conflict and more generally around those that can be put around the conflicts in our elites, we have only one certainty: the country needs wisdom and wise, and it does not have many!

Dorra Harrar

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