Tabarka Otherwise, the gaze of a Cospe photographer on the region


The summer season begins in Tabarka on the run. After the opening of The Cigale Golf Tabarka and the imminent start of the International Jazz Festival , here is the turn of the Italian NGO, COSPE, to set up an exhibition of photographs on the esplanade of the city. Tabarka Otherwise is the title of this exhibition of Roberto Mondin which is held until the end of July 2017. By Grazia Vulcano.

For several years now, COSPE has been working in this region with a thorough work on the awareness and the strengthening of communities’ skills in managing and claiming natural and cultural resources.

This photo project is coordinated by the Florence NGO and is part of the support program for the freshwater fisheries sector and the creation of jobs for women and youth in the North West Tunisia.

Co-financed by the Italian Cooperation and the Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, the exhibition is open to the public throughout the summer. She proposes portraits of the inhabitants, evokes their everyday life and reveals their capacity of resistance to the difficult transition period that the country is living.

The contents thus offer the resident population, visitors and tourists passing new reading keys on the vulnerability of local resources.

This project is also a contribution to a new narrative of Tabarka, not limiting its prestige to the Jazz Festival and all-inclusive holidays.

Tabarka Autrement proposes a reflection on the tutelage of the territory and its wealth. These are at the base of the development of new channels with local production and quality. They lay the foundations for ecotourism, a promising sector for this region of Tunisia.