Sidi Bou Said Strolls “Taret el Barka”


18:00. Sidi Bou Said.

I invite an Algerian friend to sip tea with pine nuts in Sidi Bou Said. Proud of the beauty of this tourist spot so dear to the Tunisians, I give myself the light step. A delightful calmness hangs over the village and the few passersby who taste a “bambalouni”, sip a coffee or conversing enjoying a beautiful sunset there by their presence adds charm and dynamism.

Going down the stairs, I hear him coming off the call to prayer “salat el Maghreb”. By bringing me the famous Café mats, I hear ululating and laughter. A group of young women dressed in caftan around a bride. I think that this is probably the day before the funeral of her girl’s life . They prance, play and abuse selfies on the famous steps of the coffee.

You will may-be  laugh at it but for me, Sidi Bou Said goes with a tea with pine nuts and jasmine bouquet. The seller of the corner bed in my thoughts. He approaches with finesse: “A Mechmoum A necklace or Jamsin Fell???”. I smile and reach out and take the bouquet. He insisted the necklace. My friend wants to pay both. 9DT!

I am astonished by telling the salesman: “You abuse!” He said dryly: “! It’s the price” Really ! Angry, I retorted: “continue to abuse … In the coming days, have 20, 30 and why not 50 or 100 Dt There is already nobody left to buy at this price. Continue! el barka taret ”

The seller strangely looked at me and said: “You really think that I carry bad luck. You really think we lose baraka because of jasmine?” … He walks away shouting.

I smiled, thinking of this revolution … so-called jasmine!


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