Samym: A shop dedicated to Africa at La Marsa


SAMYM is the name of a new shop that has just opened in La Marsa, just behind the Petit Salem. Pretty and bright, the shop is like a concentrate of Africa in Tunisia. Designed by Meriem Diridi Nalletamby, formerly of the ADB, she brings together the love affair of the young woman’s and her children’s many travels.

Beyond that, Meriem Dridi wants to dare some mixtures.

Recently, she made Nabeul ceramists work on Bogolan in Mali. Thus, she has transposed the motifs of this weaving style and particular dye on ceramics. The result is original and possibly surprising for some targets. (photo below)

SAMYM’s ambition is to make the African art object speak and to weave dialogue between the various countries of the continent.

After Tunis, the shop will open its first point of sale in Abidjan.

For the moment, the shop offers fabrics, masks, baskets, furniture, basketwork, paintings …

A shop to discover and a brand to follow …

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