Safir : Tunisian heritage as a development tool


No such thing as present without history. Ayachi Zammel, Director General of Safir narrated the story of the company. It all started with a Tunisian great-grandfather distillating rosemary.

Any pottery lover, honey aficionado, and olive oil addict can only enjoy Siliana and the visit of the Safir factory. Certified by quality managements systems and filled with our country’s heritage, Safir has emerged over the years as a powerful development tool in Tunisia. An 8 times award-winning company, it provides employment for  no less than 500 workers during tomato, olive, and rosemary harvests every year. Led by chemist Ayachi Zammel, it gathers Tunisian ancestral savoir-faire and modern-day technology it provide consumers with the best Tunisian products possible. Security measures and health are top priorities for Safir.

Visitors will make the most of their stay in Siliana, as the city provides the country’s best mutton, slata mechwya, camounia, and eucalyptus honey, among other treasures. Interested in history?

The governorate boasts over 1800 historical sites. Explore the Makthar tunisian-Christian heritage, or the Zama site, which witnessed the 202BC battle between Massinissa and Hannibal. The adventurous souls out there will be taken out of this world through the breathtaking village of Kesra and archeological site of Maktaris. Besides, Djebel Serj and Djebel Bargou cannot be missed, as hiking there is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Any person who has explored beautiful Siliana and the captivating Safir site only enjoyed the adventure. There will always be something to see, listen to, smell, taste, touch and take back home, both materially and spiritually.

Photography: Pierre Gassin

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