Tunisia’s organic agriculture sector has been booming for several years, following the example of the world organic market which is growing at a rate of 15 to 20% per year. Today, more than 250 Tunisian products are positioned on the main markets, including olive oil, dates, prickly pear oil, essential oils, etc.

A program of promotion and communication abroad is set up within the framework of a public-private partnership between the Directorate General of Organic Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources and Fisheries, The export consultancy firm STECIA International and the communication agency Multicom Services.

This program, which targets the US, Canadian, Chinese and Russian markets, includes several activities, including meetings between Tunisian exporters and importers and distributors of targeted markets. The program also aims to set up a communication plan on social networks and traditional media, animations and tastings of Tunisian products for consumers in commercial spaces, etc.

A Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tunisiaorganic/ and a Twitter account https://twitter.com/TunisiaOrganic have been created to communicate about these events. This partnership follows a first activity that concluded in February 2017, by producing the documentary “Tunisia: the land of bio” in English and French.