ETIK-T-FOOD is a group of skills coming from different horizons engaged in an economic exchange around the valorization of the terroir. Their products of terroir come from the social economy and solidarity and to this day they offer olive oil, harissa, honey, molasses, ….

ETIK-T-FOOD has just participated in the Salon “Maison & Objets” in Paris on the stand Tunisia from 20 to 24 January 2017. The products of the Tunisian soil were presented in a beautiful staging designed by the design and Decoration Tuniso-French Rock The Kasbah

ETIK-T-FOOD’s approach is based on the rehabilitation of the trades through the generational transmission of agricultural know-how, the preservation of a regional genetic heritage threatened with extinction and the exploitation of natural resources around existing local products.

The GIE’s ambition is to develop a brand image and tell the story of the products for a confirmed market access while encouraging territorial anchoring and reviving a dynamic of youth employment in the agricultural sector.