Portrait of the 2012 traveler


Google has tried to couple the data for the desired behavior with its study, but also with the actual behavior of search travelers. The complete study is 38 pages and these are the most important facts.

– Videos are viewed more in early trip to the planning process. Indeed, 66% of travelers watch a video when they start thinking about taking a trip, and 64% when they are at the stage of making the choice of a destination (before the trip), while 62% watch videos to get ideas of activities to do at the destination

– Mobile Travel  applications are gaining ground. 44% of travelers have downloaded a mobile application-related travel in 2012 they found predominantly via the App store (84%)

– Leisure travelers book about a mobile site via a mobile application (40% for accommodation, 38% for the aircraft and 33% for the car rental ). In addition, business travelers are more likely to book through a mobile application that leisure travelers (assumption: probably because they can generally use business loyalty programs via these applications)

– The mobile experience is essential for the traveler books a tourist service online. Indeed, 36% of travelers said they did not want to buy online a tourist service because the site was difficult to navigate on mobile

– Travelers are using less and less the desktop computer (-94% compared to 2011) and increasingly intelligent / mobile phone (+ 31% compared to 2011) and tablet (17% compared to 2011) for access to travel information.

Hopefully all stakeholders in the Tunisian tourism will cast an eye!