On the footsteps of a legendary star at La Cigale Tabarka Hotel


For this unique trip, in Tabarka the photographer Pierre Gassin tries to portrait in hollow at the Hotel La Cigale Tabarka. Travel in a particular universe referring to the cinema and the finesse of a person that we guess more than we see.


This shoot was made for the 1001Tunisie Collector; the “print of the site which bears the same name and which is available in several concepts stores and booksellers of Tunisia.

On the footsteps of a legendary star at La Cigale Tabarka Hotel

She has her room, her belongings, her habits. Always the same. We must leave her in her wanderings. To listen to her, to realize her tender caprices. Her discreet presence, however, transforms every moment of her life into a film history plan. Her cinema, her life? Portrait in hollow by Pierre Gassin.

Skip when there is no one

The bartender prepared champagne for 2 … a visit?

Strass without stress

An unreal and sumptuous world of Minnelli!

A James Bond dry martini

Night ride.

She can not stand the light of the sun, unless it’s people’s eyes.

Vision of Metropolis by Fritz Lang

Breakfast “simple” … except a flask of?

A luxurious interior, She loves art.

Facing the sea, a drink to support the view? Life ?

Nightly romantic promenade by the sea

Star Treck

Ozun Night Romantic Seaside Promenade Ozun

A spy who loved me

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