Merguez candied lemon of the Palais Fin


When Hela Driss tells me that the merguez of her delicatessen- pastry shop, Palais Fin exceptional, I confess to have a hard time believing it … And yet! These are absolutely delicious!

Is it the quality or fineness of the meat? Spices? Condiments ? Unless it is all this at once. Unless it is exclusively the taste of lemon confit that one has in the mouth when one bites in it. Moreover, this delicate taste, it is hardly guessed because it is cut so fine that it melts to leave only its irresistible acidulous impression.

Sold in boxes of 500g, the merguez are bathed in a beautiful golden oil and delicately wrapped in a burlap coat. To cook them, Hela Driss puts more than know-how. She puts memories, family secrets and a strong desire to revive this heritage somewhat abused. The recipe of her merguez, Hela simply owes it to her grandmother!

After a career in finance, Hela Driss reinvested herself in what she conceived as a shop-temple of good taste and 100% Tunisian know-how. The young woman also spends her time in contact with artisans, finding here and there condiments, biscuits, cheeses, jams ….

For those who do not know, know that the merguez is a small spicy sausage, prepared with spices and minced meat. The minced beef or lamb is then seasoned and introduced into the small intestine of the sheep.

The merguez is eaten when it is fresh grilled and is prepared in several stews. Dry and put under oil, it is used in ojjas and certain winter soups