Menzel Amphora , the heart of a little-known island


He discovered many countries, was introduced to the luxury hotel as the holiday clubs or alternative accommodation. And it is this rich experience, he could live and enjoy as a client-tourist he decided to launch the project of Menzel Amphora in Midoun. It was almost by chance that he discovers this contemporary menzel, built in the late 1990s by a djerbien hoping one day to live surrounded by his children and their families, in the traditional way. However, the reality of modern life and the removal of his children have failed to realize Tarek’s dream and fell under the spell of the place buys menzel.

After much work and planning for improvement, the first customers of Menzel Amphora are welcomed during the summer of 2001. The guest houses and other alternative accommodation are not so plethora Tunisia and Tarek registers as a precursor to the island of Djerba. The website for Menzel Amphora, word of mouth and some ads in La Presse will continue to bring the essentially foreign customers …

Menzel Amphora receives each year, mostly in summer but also during the spring break and Toussaint, a predominantly French loyal clientele. With a maximum capacity of 50 people, Menzel Amphora is based around 3 products: 6 duplex villas all equipped, 5 rooms, 1 bridal suite and 3 new villas high Standing. Off-season, this is a great place and has a solid experience as well as trusted partners to organize upscale event stays (birthdays, seminars, works council trips, reunions of friends …). This is what Tarik is working on as well as stays for well-being based on themes (yoga, feng shui, nutritional balancing) or gastronomy (home Tunisian cuisine).
Tarek is the soul of the place and allhis work is focused on the quality of the proposed service, availability and attention of the staff so that guests feel immediately on vacation. A warm welcome to both warm and discreet, on request, a fine Tunisian cuisine that aims to take the customer through the whole range of flavors of the country, multiple touches (pool towel, beach, fruit basket and tea on arrival, doggy bag, massage on request …) in an atmosphere of tranquility and friendliness. Everything is done to facilitate the stay of the customer (car rentals on site, ordering and delivery of courses before arriving at Menzel, good and authentic places of the island, etc.).

One of the highlights of Menzel Amphora is undoubtedly its gastronomy. All Products (couscous, mloukhia, mhamms, herbs …) are made at home by a family of Jendouba, a region near the Dougga-Teboursouk from which originates Tarek, with whom he has worked regularly for years. This traditional principle of preparation or the (annual and domestic manufacture of basic foods such as couscous …) allows Tarek to ensure the high quality of its products to serve delicious Tunisian cuisine made from local produce in its customer base. But it is also an opportunity to involve and provide regular income to a family descended from a region within the country (remote coastal tourism). This ethical approach is a win-win exchange that creates real wealth locally!

The many comments Menzel Amphora guests on specialized sites like Tripadvisor Holiday Check or are unmistakable: “Far from mass tourism, relaxing and beautiful place from which emanates serenity and calm. Tarek and his team much trouble remaining very discreet. For us it was also a great gastronomic +++ “. Amphora Menzel is positioned as a key location for the island to find it otherwise but to know an intimate Tunisia, closer to those who live it every day.

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