Tfanen – Creative Tunisia is a project to support the strengthening of the cultural sector funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. One of its objectives is the decentralization of culture through the dissemination of artistic products and the development of the continuous training of young creators in all regions of Tunisia.

And it is in this specific context that evolves “Mechey wa jey” or “round trip”. Designed around this axis, the cultural project has been following for months an exciting journey between Tunis and the regions of the country by mobilizing artists, trainers, producers all convinced of the need to take the country head-on.

To this date, three stops have been made: Dguech, El Krib and Bouselm where several artistic productions have been presented to the public: “Re-Existence” by Nawel Skandrani, “Au suivant” by Habib Belhedi and Lassaad Ben Abdallah, “Les Widows” of Wafa Taboubi and “Caprice” of Ashraf Ben Hadj Mbarek.

In parallel with the performances, musical shows and Master Classes for young people in the performing arts were animated: circus, dance, theater, music, video and digital communication. All participated in creating a very beautiful dynamic in youth homes.

The artists who participate in this wonderful adventure of “Mechey wa jey” are convinced that the commitment of the artist in his city necessarily passes by the decentralization of art. They believe that participating in opening up the regions by meeting young talents thirsty for art and culture is part of their mission.

Each in his own way believes that by posing his luggage, his decorations, while borrowing with joy and conviction the road but especially the meetings, the artist initiates a dialogue with a particular public, the one of which it is cut because of the difficulties of the diffusion. Through this project, the artist takes his place voluntarily and irremediably by fitting into the human, cultural and socio-economic fabric of the country.

Source/ PRESS