Manel, the tattooist



This was thanks to a magnificent reportage for Arte Tv where we discover the only Tunisian tattooist. In a country where the modern tattoo is often likened to sin, bandits or promiscuous girls , the documentary makes a journey into the world of the Maghreb tattoo. To see the film

Tattooing has been practiced for thousands of years around the world. It can be done for symbolic reasons, religious or aesthetic. In Tunisia, many tattoo designs resemble the designs of carpets are inspired by natural elements such as palm leaf. Often the tattoos had a protective role against the occult forces.

The story takes us from the capital to the south of Tunisia where we meet Mongi Bouras, the essential specialist in Amazigh culture. In this face to face with Manel, we learn that tattoos are also done on the forearms, legs, chest …. In  Medenine in southern Tunisia, the tataouage is a symbol of love, an act which seals the fate of a man who has the tattoo of his bride during their engagement.

Photo credit: Medienkontor / Myriam Bou Saha


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